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Maya is born from the encounter between two worlds. The combination of the simplicity of pure line and the complexity of the plot. The choice of material and color of the nylon rope accentuate the organic reading , ambiguous and mysterious : what lies behind any innovation , including the visionary manipulation of a set of lines and the design of a session. The ’ goal was to sit on the soul of the chair and not on the structure. The tube has been bent to the machine and is composed of four semi-circles which were then welded together , creating the entire structure . The chair is then coated with powder paint , which increases the strength and duration of color .


As a designer I hold value in exploring the optimal communicative strength of the materials that I work with.

OXYMORON is a workplace with a lot of attitude but in a sober manner where the details highlight the profile you want for the moment.

It represents an interaction between two physically opposite materials, in which they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.


Tcherassi Vilató have designed a collection of tables named Miss Understood.

"The Miss Understood tables reflect Tcherassi Vilató’s spirit: young, playful, functional and different. It is one of our personal favorites.

The inspiration twist from the rockabillies tables from the fifties grants this table a certain style unable to be forgotten. An eyecatcher wherever it goes.”

Chilean designer Paula Corrales has created the Acorn stool made from cork.

Italian design studio Gradosei has created the Dedalo dining table for Formabilio.

The essentiality of two identical trapezoidal shapes, intersected, rotated and flipped between them, gives dynamism to the table making new geometrical impression.

The wood’s strength used for the plane, is supported by the formal elegance and movement of the legs.

'LEDscape’ is an installation which deals with light as a constructive element of space and landscape. It is located in the CCB – Belém Cultural Centre in Lisbon and aims to introduce the everyday user to the Ledare light bulb, thus demystifying the preconceived ideas about LED technology and emphasizing the relevance of this product in the sustainability of the future.

"In case of love at first sight, break glass. - The Flower Council of Holland - Kingsday Agency via Adweek and Don’t Panic London.

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